Heather Linn is a qualified energy healer, soul coach and hypnotherapy practitioner with a particular interest in facilitating journeys of transformation. She has many years of experience in the healing field, having started out as a massage therapist in London more than 20 years ago and gradually transitioning to full-time healing work.

Heather Linn profileHeather has trained in a number of modalities in South Africa, England and the United States. Her formal training in metaphysical healing was with Dr Yvette de Villiers of Lightwise Wellbeing. She furthered her training as an energy healer through the School of Intuition and Healing, based in London and Cape Town, and was a tutor with the School in Cape Town for five years. She is a professional soul coach and past life coach, certified through the Soul Coaching® International Training Institute in California, and a hypnotherapy practitioner, certified through the Past Life Regression Academy in London. She has also completed Brandon Bays’ ‘The Journey’ Intensive and Advanced training.

Heather’s interest in the healing arts, and her personal spiritual journey, was activated at the age of 21 when she was involved in a serious car accident and had an out of body experience. This experience awakened her multi-sensory awareness and led her to pursue a lifelong calling to become a healer. Her own transformation process – which included working with spiritual teachers from many traditions – has given her a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the healing process.

Heather is very practical and down to earth. Her approach is to assist people to become more conscious of their energy, and how to maintain balance. As the mother of two sons, she is strongly grounded in everyday reality – the place where opportunities for change and conscious creation abound.